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Unmatched Frictionless Vulnerability and Threat Assessment of CCTV IP Cameras and DVRs that automates and scales CCTV and IoT Devices security testing.

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Detailed Vulnerability Assessment of Critical Surveillance Infrastructure

Redinent help businesses stay on top of security threats and continue to enable enterprises have safer CCTV network. Find not only known vulnerabilities such as security misconfigurations, protocol prone threats but also undocumented ones that are not available in the public domain. Get accurate and fast results, invaluable expertise, and continuous coverage across all your CCTV networks. Redinent is here for information security defenders across all global organizations to small startups.

Find what other scanners miss

Redinent isn’t your typical vulnerability scanner. Whatever your hardware, network topology, security controls, Redinent has what it takes to manage the security of all your CCTV Network assets.

  • Detect over large number of vulnerabilities including Default and Weak Passwords, Guest Access, Exposure to Man in the middle attacks, Stream Hijacking, RTSP and HTTP based buffer overflows and many more.

  • OEM Agnostic Scans across all cameras,network dvrs, and complex topologies, including grouped scans with distributed across clusters.

  • Monitor uptime of all cameras and DVRs with AI powered stream quality analysis that detects noise, bluriness and visual obstruction.


Industry Leading Threat Insights

We live in a world of billions connected devices over the internet. While, traditional security tools have focused on conventional IT asset monitoring like servers, workstations, printers and database often the most left behind asset happens to the CCTV cameras and unmanaged IoT devices that acts as a doorway for the hackers to your trusted network.

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